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Andrew Gibson
2 min readFeb 7, 2021


Below is a list of companies which I have worked with. Some engagements were permanent but many were in a consultative or contract basis.


As Engineering manager I was instrumental in expanding our small startup-style company into a well funded SME on track to secure series A funding, with a solid technology roadmap.

Fluent Technology

As Principle Engineer I spearheaded the introduction of modern engineering practices and technologies, including Continuous Delivery, Cloud-native technologies and BDD.

Verint Systems

In my role as UI Architect, I led teams developing javascript-stack applications using React.js and node.js to create SPA-style applications with full BDD-style acceptance testing and test automation.

Royal Academy of Engineering

Multiple engagements working on microsites, CRM integration and CMS-driven extranet functionality.

Deutsche Telekom

Configuration management system for a mobile phone portal management system. Management of complex XML schemas.

Times Educational Supplement

Integration architecture between Telligent Community social networking platform and front-end extranet


Integration between online banking systems and AS/400 banking software. Evaluation of bus architectures including NServiceBus, BizTalk etc.


Various enhancements to the core Huddle API, as well as the front-end web application leveraging ASP.NET MVC and rich client-side functionality. Implemented “pass-through” authentication mechanism for Enterprise SSO, as well as OAuth 2.0 for service-based authorisation.

Lloyds of London

Implemented new security tooling as an interface to companies participating in the London insurance market. Custom SOA architecture, and IBM Tivoli Identity and Access Management.

Brit Insurance

API-level integration with a policy document generation engine (using Thunderhead).

Archon Group (Goldman Sachs)

Intranet portal work implementing an entitlement management system (SSO permissions).

Ristken Software Services

After-market car warranty quotation and amortisation engine, exposed as an SPA-style web application for car dealerships.

AMX Corporation

Credit card processing logic to allow purchase of services via smart home technology.

VHA Inc.

Pricing engine for pharmaceutical products supplied to veterans. Analysis and rationalisation of databases.

Software Spectrum

Augmented an existing e-commerce portal with custom workflows and pricing algorithms.


Internet facing micro-portal site generation. Custom points-based currency management and redemption system.


Various projects including a pharmaceutical e-commerce platform, a corporate extranet application and various smaller marketing sites.


Consulting on a networked contact-management database



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