Articles, Editing and Technology



I have served as technical editor and/or proof-reader for several publications by Manning Publications, including:

  • Brady, E. (2017). Type-driven development with Idris. 1st ed. Shelter Island: Manning.
  • Jurić, S. (2015). Elixir in Action. 1st ed. Shelter Island: Manning.
  • Black, D. (2014). Well-Grounded Rubyist. 2nd ed. Shelter Island: Manning.

Technology Index

Below is a (fairly up-to-date) list of technologies or practices which I’ve used over the years. There are some missing, especially those used outside of any commercial setting. Things which I have an interest in, and have played with (e.g. Rust, Elixir, DBase, Dynamo DB, TypeScript etc.) are not included.

Business and technology in the software engineering space